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Christian Beliefs, Doctrines, Practices and Apologetics

This custom search engine will help you research the beliefs, doctrines, practices and apologetics of the Christian faith. It is a one-stop search for websites about Christian apologetics — the logical presentation and defense of the Christian faith.

If you are a Christian, we trust you apply discernment when researching any issues.


This search engine returns results primarily from websites and blogs that address cults from a mainstream Christian theological perspective.

If you are looking for information on (religious) cults from primarily sociological perspectives, use CounterCultSearch.com instead.

Not sure what the difference is? Read: theological vs. sociological definitions of the term ‘cult’ at our sister website, CultDefinition.com. That website tries to answer the question, ‘What is a cult?’

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Given the litigious nature of some groups, organizations, movements, or other entities often described as cults or cult-like, we provide this disclaimer.

The publishers and associates of ApologeticsSearch.com are not responsible for the content of third-party sites that appear it the search results. Not all groups listed or discussed on those sites are necessarily ‘cults.’

In addition, the inclusion of specific websites and blogs in the search results does not automatically imply endorsement on our part.